Emanuele Feliziani
Web Developer

Hi there, it's Emanuele. I build web things, build them fast and cool.

Though I manage a small server and write pretty solid php, I specialize in front-end technologies and have a healthy obsession for web performance (#perfmatters). I absolutely love shaving those extra few milliseconds off network transactions and rendering times.

Curious and passionate about pretty much everything you can think of, I like books, endless conversations and equally endless silences, I also write good poetry. Editor at Offerte Internet, once upon a time I even was a rugby player.

My daily soundtrack usually revolves around blues and funky music, though I really like a woeful lot of different stuff.

I am blessed to have met some truly awesome people that always inspire me and push me further. I am so grateful to them.

Born with the impostor syndrome, I spend my whole life proving myself wrong. Having only 24 hours in a day is my greatest, harshest constraint.


HTML5, Css, Sass, Compass, JavaScript, Php, Web Performance (#perfmatters), Web Accessibility, Seo, Microformat Schema.org, Git, WordPress.