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Gravida. Procreative.

Hi! We are Gravida, a Creative Business and Web Agency made of two passionate professionals based in Macerata. We delight in beautiful design and excellent code. If you have a cool project, we would be thrilled to help you make it awesome.

Let's work together


We love the web. We specialize in front-end technologies and processes, but also have sound experience with WordPress and other cms

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Beauty is a matter of proportions. Not only we have the ideas, we know how to execute perfect designs for durable, eye-catching aesthetics

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Crafting a brand's image is a work of art, but it also requires solid market research and human understanding

We master it all. Come and see how we can help you make a better impact on your customers


A product's success is all in the interactions and feelings it evokes in the user. It's not just about the looks, it's about the experience

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Not all digital crafts are created equal. You might not be able to tell the difference, but your users will feel it. We measure, assess, act and repeat. Your stuff will look good and perform even better.

Edoardo Designer
Emanuele Developer